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Merchandise Description

MCH Sequence Parallel Shaft 30:1 Ratio Helical Reduction Gearbox

MC collection industrial gearbox has the subsequent 2 kinds:
MC.H Sequence Parallel Shaft Gearbox
MC.B Sequence Appropriate Angle Gearbox

one. Housing:
Casting Iron Box
2. Gears:
Hardened Helical Gears (MC.H Collection Parallel Shaft Gearbox)
Hardened Helical CZPT (MC.B Series Correct Angle Gearbox)
3. Shafts:
Parallel Shafts (MC.H Sequence)
Orthogonal Shafts (MC.B Sequence)
Output Shaft: Solid Shaft, Hollow Shaft
4. Modular Equipment:
Shrink Disk, Mounting Flange, Motor Flange, CZPT Admirer, Torque Arm, Double Enter Shaft

Whole 8 Product Dimensions: MC02 ~ MC09

1. CZPT mounted by any 1 aspect of 6 sides.
2. Compact structure, mild bodyweight.
3. Rigid welded box structure, weighty duty and high load capability.
four. Modular plan and design for special conditions, adapting to the assorted needs.
five. 2 phase or 3 phase push gearbox.


Crushing, Mixing, Developing Supplies, Lifting, Bulk Substance Dealing with, Chemical, Foodstuff Processing, Wood, Paper, and Environmental Protection Industries.
Mounting Variety: Horizontal Mounting, Vertical Mounting, Upright Mounting
Set up Method: Foot Mounted, Torque Arm Mounted

Choosing the suitable lubrication method according to the lubricating oil amount.
Lubrication method:
Splash lubrication – Minimal oil stage (Horizontal Mounting)
Immersion lubrication – High oil amount (Vertical Mounting, Upright Mounting)

Our organization :
AOKMAN was established in 1982, which has a lot more than 36 several years in R & D and producing of gearboxes, gears, shaft, motor and spare components.
We can supply the correct resolution for uncountable programs. Our merchandise are extensively utilised in the ranges of metallurgical, steel, mining, pulp and paper, sugar and alcoholic beverages marketplace and a variety of other kinds of equipment with a robust presence in the global market place.
AOKMAN has become a dependable provider, CZPT to supply substantial quality gearboxes.With 36 many years knowledge, we CZPT you the utmost trustworthiness and protection for equally product and providers.

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If you have particular parameters and prerequisite for our gearbox, customization is accessible.

Under is a listing of our presently obtainable industrial gearboxes. If you cannot discover what you are hunting for, make sure you get in touch with the manufacturing unit for more alternatives. At EP, we are constantly developing new merchandise and retrofitting outdated types to meet up with consumer requirements.

China high quality Mch Series Parallel Shaft 30: 1 Ratio Helical Reduction Gearbox     wholesaler