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Our in-line helical NHL series gearboxes and gear motors combine high efficiency, flexible design and a wide range of gear ratios for maximum reliability in a wide variety of applications and industries. The MNHL/NHL series includes 10 sizes in 2, 3 or 4 reduction stages. It has options for 3 input versions and 4 output versions.



Our right angle helical gearboxes and geared motors maintain high efficiency and reliability while fitting into tight spaces. The durable cast-iron design of the MBH/BH series meets the needs of all types of heavy-duty applications. It is available in 9 sizes, and multiple ratios, and has 4 input and 4 output versions.



Our offset parallel helical gearboxes combine the efficiency and reliability of inline helical gears with the benefits of shaft mounting. We offer two different designs for screw shaft mounting designs. Both offer a range of ratios in various sizes, output flanges or torque arms, and internal backstop options to meet the needs of industrial applications.

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What is Helical Gearbox?

A helical gear transmission includes a set of helical gears. A helical gear is a cylindrical gear with slanted tooth tracks. Compared to spur gears, they have higher contact levels, less vibration, excellent quietness and the ability to transmit larger loads. A set of helical gears have the same helix angle, but the helical hands are on opposite sides. Helical gearboxes are one of the most widely used and they are more efficient than any other gearbox. Their configuration is beneficial for many performances.

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Where is helical gearbox used?

Some of the industries where the helical gears are commonly used are Printing, earth-moving, and fertilizer industries. Port and power industries, steel and rolling mills. Textile industries, food industries, plastic industries, elevators, conveyors, compressors, blowers, cutters, and oil industries.

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China Standard Sanb-75 Helical Gear Gearbox helical gearbox elecon

Product Description SANB Three Screw Extruder Gearbox  Three Screw Gearbox Features--- High Speed---Triaxiality parallel design improve B axis bearing capacity.---Simple manufacture and convenient assemply.Lower the cost.---Modular structure design achieve 2 kinds of...

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Solution Description Item Description>IntroductionZLYJ sequence Reduction Gearbox (speed reducer) is a transmission part for most single screw extrusion line, wihch also possesses substantial precision challenging gear surface and thrust block developed. Designed...


The Advantages of Helical Gearboxes

There are many benefits to using a helical gearbox. This type of gearbox is quieter than spur gears and can handle heavier loads than comparable gears. Its higher speed capability makes it ideal for applications such as conveyors, blowers, elevators, and the food and beverage industry. Double helical gears are another way to overcome some of the disadvantages of using a helical gearbox. But they are still less efficient than spur gears.

The two-stage helical gearbox is designed to minimize total power loss and bulk. The Pareto frontier is used to determine the minimum trade-off. Other design constraints include tribological requirements and hunting tooth frequency. These specifications were developed in accordance with the standards of the American Gear Manufacturers Association. In addition to these benefits, helical gearboxes are more efficient and save costs.

Helical Gearbox Applications

  •  Plastic Extruder helical Gearbox 
  •  Mining & Port Logistics
  •  Sugar Mill
  •  Paper Manufacturing
  •  Petroleum
  •  Construction And Other Heavy Industries

Helical Gearbox Key Features

1. Parallel output, compact structure, large transmission torque, stable operation, low noise and long life.
2. Installation: base installation, hollow shaft installation, flange installation, torque arm installation, small flange installation.
3. The two-stage input and output basically rotate in the same direction, and the third-stage is opposite; F/R combination consultation.
4. Output mode: hollow shaft output or solid shaft output.


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