China wholesaler K Series Gearbox 5: 1 Ratio Helical Bevel Gear Reductor Bevel Gear Boxes with Good quality

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K sequence gearbox 5: 1 Ratio Helical Bevel Equipment Reductor Bevel Equipment Boxes 

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Description: K Collection Helical Bevel Gearbox

(1) Input mode: coupled motor, belted motor, input shaft or link flange.
(2) Proper angle output.
(3) Compact composition.
(4) Rigid tooth encounter.
(5) Carrying increased torque, substantial loading capacity.
(6) High precision equipment, making certain the unit to operate stably, sleek transmission.
(7) Reduced noise, lengthy lifespan.
(8) Large overlap coefficient, abrasion resistant.

Thorough Pictures

K sequence equipment units are accessible in the pursuing designs:
KAZ..Y..Quick-flange-mounted helical-bevel gear units with hollow shaft
K…Y…Foot-mounted helical-bevel equipment units with sound shaft
KAT…Y…Torque-arm-mounted helical-bevel equipment models with hollow shaft
KAB…Y…Foot-mounted helical-bevel gear models with hollow shaft
K(KF,KA,KAF,KAB,KAZ)S…Shaft enter helical-bevel equipment units
KA…Y…Helical-bevel equipment units with hollow shaft
KA(K, KF ,KAF, KAB ,KAZ)R..Y..Combinatorial helical-bevel gear models
KF…Y…Flange-mounted helical-bevel equipment units with strong shaft
KA(K, KF ,KAF ,KAZ)S…R…Shaft input combinatorial helical-bevel equipment models
KAF…Y…Flange-mounted helical-bevel gear models with hollow shaft
KA(K, KF ,KAF, KAB ,KAZ)…Y…When equipping the user’s motor or the particular 1 ,the flange is required to be related

The weights are imply values, only for reference.
Maximum torque means the most significant 1 of the greatest torque relevant to the various ratio for the specified dimensions.

Rated Power:.18KW~200KW
Rated Torque:Up to 50000N.m
Gear Arrangement:Bevel Helical Hardened Gearbox
Input Velocity:50HZ or 60HZ of 4Pole,6Pole and 8pole motor

Product Parameters


Enter electrical power score and maximum torque:

Gear unit weight:


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one. How to choose a gearbox which satisfies our necessity?
You can refer to our catalogue to choose the gearbox or we can aid to choose when you give
the specialized data of essential output torque, output speed and motor parameter and so forth.
two. What details shall we give prior to inserting a purchase get?
a) Variety of the gearbox, ratio, input and output variety, enter flange, mounting place, and motor data and so on.
b) Housing coloration.
c) Obtain amount.
d) Other unique needs.
three. What industries are your gearboxes getting used?
Our gearboxes are extensively utilized in the places of textile, foods processing, beverage, chemical business,
escalator,automatic storage products, metallurgy, environmental protection, CZPT and etc.
4.Do you offer you any visiting?
Indeed! We sincerely invite you to pay a visit to us! We can select you from airport, railway station and so on. Also, we can arrange housing for you. Make sure you permit us know in superior.
5.Is your good quality very good?
Quality by no means tell lies, we’re theprofessional manufacturer and exporter of equipment reducer and motor in Asia, who has been presented license given that 1982. Also, we had accomplished ISO9001 and CE Certification amid all producers.


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Equipment reducers, also referred to as reducers, arrive in several transmission designs and are made to multiply torque and reduce input speed to a desired output pace. The principal advantage of inline gearboxes is their capacity to keep manage in programs involving large rotational speeds. Their performance and capability to offer high enter speeds with minimal backlash make inline reducer gearboxes perfect for a wide assortment of motion control programs

China wholesaler K Series Gearbox 5: 1 Ratio Helical Bevel Equipment Reductor Bevel Equipment Boxes     with Great quality