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Solution Description

Product Description

ZLYJ collection Reduction Gearbox (velocity reducer) is a transmission element for most solitary screw extrusion line, wihch also possesses substantial precision difficult gear surface and thrust block developed. Developed with standard ZBJ19009-88, it brings together properly with most of devices from various suppliers. Also the equipment and axis components are produced of higher power alloy steel with surface hardness HRC54~sixty two. In the entrance finish of hollow input axis there is large specification thrust bearing that will bear axial thrust pressure while the screw is working

>Applied Circumstance
1. All variety of extrusion & blowing machinery
two. High speed shaft rotation Velocity <1500RPM
3. Functioning Surroundings Temp. -forty~45°C, with temperature below 0°C, ought to pre-warmth lubrication oil to earlier mentioned 0°C

>Major Technological Index
1. Output Speed: 16-a hundred RPM
2. Output Torque: Max.4300 Nm
three. Motor Electricity: 5.5-200 Kw

>Selection of Gearbox
one. Pick pace ratio
e.g. input velocity n1=1000rpm, output velocity n2=70rpm, ratio i=n1/n2=14.28, should choose ratio fourteen
2. Choose model type in accordance to input power
e.g. input energy P=26kw, following examining sort, 29kw>26kw, most ecomonic ought to be ZLYJ200
3. Decide on assemble sort
as for every genuine use, decide on horizontal or vertical sort
four. Determine axial thrust Fa=π*Ds²*Ps/(4*a thousand)
e.g. Screw diameter Ds=75mm, Screw stress Ps=26MPa
Fa=π*Ds²*Ps/(4*a thousand)=114.8kN
187kN>114.8kN, ZLYJ200 can bear the axial thrust and financial to select
five. Confirm link dimensions
six. Confirm CZPT sort

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The term “gearbox” is utilised to refer to any unit that connects a motor to a device and consists of a collection of gears, also recognized as a gear established. It receives the principal enter pace from the motor and changes it to a distinct output pace utilizing its gears. Various types and combos of gears provide certain reasons. The varieties of gears identified in gearboxes incorporate spur gears, bevel gears, helical gears, helical gears and worm gears. The efficiency effectiveness of a gearbox is represented by the gearbox ratio, which is the ratio of the velocity of the enter supply to the velocity of the output resource

China supplier Zlyj133 CZPT Extrusion Gearbox Air CZPT     near me shop