China manufacturer ATA Series Helical Shaft Mounted Gearbox for Belt Conveyor near me manufacturer

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ATA collection Helical Shaft Mounted Gearbox for Belt Conveyor


1. Housing: Nodular Forged Iron(Ductile Iron) QT600
2. Gears Profile: Hardened Helical Gears
3. Gears Materials: 20CrMnTi
4. Gears Processing: Carburizing, Quenching, Grinding
5. Gears Hardness: Floor Hardness: HRC58-62, Internal Hardness: HBS156-207
six. Gears Precision: 6 Class
7. Shafts Material: 40Cr
eight. Enter Configurations:
Keyed Sound Shaft Input
IEC Normalized Motor Flange
nine. Output Configurations:
Keyed Hollow Shaft Output
10. Oil Seal: ZheJiang SOG
eleven. Bearings: NSK, SKF, HRB, ZWZ, LYC
twelve. Spare Areas: Torque arm, CZPT Backstop

The functions of ATA shaft mounted gearbox:
Mounting Sort: Tie rod Hanging shaft mounted
Output Shaft: One important hollow shaft, each design can pick 3 hollow diameter at most.
Gearbox Housing: Hard Iron Metal, CZPT utilised outdoors.
Anti-slip unit: Can go well with for any design, It’s very practical to be mounted.

The maintenance of ATA shaft mounted gearbox:
one. Ahead of beginning the reducer need to be filled of N159 or N220 extreme stress industrial gear oils, till the gearbox oil shows an intermediate placement
two. Right after 3 months working, the gearbox need to have to alter oil, interest it have to be debris inside of the device rinse prior to adding new oil.
three. At the reducer hollow shaft finishes and drive pulley finish gland plate have to fixed with locking screws.
4. The reducer pulley and the motor pulley have to be parallel when they are put in and the belt tightness must be reasonable.

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The versions of ATA shafted mounted gearbox:
one Stage: ATA30, ATA35, ATA40, ATA45, ATA50, ATA60, ATA70, ATA80, ATA100, ATA125
2 Phase: ATA35D, ATA40D, ATA45D, ATA50D, ATA60D, ATA70D, ATA80D, ATA100D, ATA125D

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ATA sequence gear reducer Packaging Particulars:Plastic Bags, Cartons, Picket Bins
Port:ZheJiang /HangZhou

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Gearboxes are mechanical gadgets that aid generate systems keep the best possible speed and torque for purposes. Also acknowledged as gearboxes and gear drives, they lessen the rotational speed of the input shaft by a specific share and increase the electricity shipped to the output shaft by the same proportion. Ratio multipliers improve the deceleration and torque presented by the reducer by a specific ratio and are suitable for parallel installations. Mounting bases, torque arms and flange couplings are equipment used with the reducer. They are generally used in programs where the reducer is not immediately linked to the travel system.

China manufacturer ATA Series Helical Shaft Mounted Gearbox for Belt Conveyor     near me manufacturer