China Hot selling Helical Worm Geared Motors Series Speed Motor 200-50000n. M Gear Reducer Motor Gearbox near me factory

Product Description

Helical Gearmotor Speed Reducer Gearbox R Series

-Higher performance: 92%-ninety seven%
-Compact framework: Small offset output, two stage and three stage are in the same box.
-High precision: the equipment is manufactured of large-good quality alloy steel forging, carbonitriding and hardening treatment method, grinding approach to make sure higher precision and steady working.
-Higher interchangeability: highly modular, serial layout, strong versatility and interchangeability.

Technological parameters

High quality Control
Good quality:Insist on Advancement,Strive for CZPT With the improvement of gear manufacturing indurstry,customer by no means satirsfy with the existing good quality of our merchandise,on the opposite,wcreate the worth of high quality.
High quality policy:to boost the all round level in the area of energy transmission  
Quality Check out:Ongoing Improvement , pursuit of excellence
Top quality Philosophy:Top quality results in worth

three. Incoming Top quality Manage
To create the AQL satisfactory degree of incoming materials control, to offer the substance for the total inspection, sampling, immunity. On the acceptance of experienced merchandise to warehousing, substandard goods to consider return, check out, rework, rework inspection liable for monitoring undesirable, to keep track of the provider to get corrective measures to avert recurrence.

4. Process Quality Management
The producing internet site of the 1st examination, inspection and last inspection, sampling according to the requirements of some projects, judging the good quality alter development found irregular phenomenon of manufacturing, and supervise the manufacturing division to boost, eradicate the irregular phenomenon or state

5. FQC(Final QC)
Following the manufacturing office will complete the merchandise, stand in the customer’s placement on the finished solution good quality verification, in order to make sure the high quality of customer expectations and demands.

6. OQC(Outgoing QC)
After the item sample inspection to determine the certified, making it possible for storage, but when the finished solution from the warehouse just before the formal shipping and delivery of the goods, there is a verify, this is named the cargo inspection.Examine articles:In the warehouse storage and transfer status to validate, although confirming the shipping of the solution is a item inspection to determine the experienced




1. How to select a gearbox which meets our prerequisite?

You can refer to our catalogue to choose the gearbox or we can assist to pick when you provide

the technological details of needed output torque, output pace and motor parameter etc.


two. What data shall we give just before placing a obtain purchase?

a) Sort of the gearbox, ratio, enter and output type, enter flange, mounting placement, and motor informationetc.

b) Housing coloration.

c) Buy quantity.

d) Other specific demands.


3. What industries are your gearboxes getting employed?

Our gearboxes are broadly utilised in the areas of textile, foods processing, beverage, chemical business,

escalator,automated storage equipment, metallurgy, tabacco, environmental protection, CZPT and and so forth.


4. Doyou sell motors?

We have steady motor suppliers who have been coperating with us for a lengthy-time. They can give motors

with higher good quality.  


Equipment reducers, also named reducers, occur in several transmission variations and are made to multiply torque and reduce enter pace to a sought after output pace. The primary advantage of inline gearboxes is their capacity to keep management in programs involving high rotational speeds. Their efficiency and ability to provide higher input speeds with nominal backlash make inline reducer gearboxes perfect for a wide range of motion control apps

China Hot selling Helical Worm Geared Motors Series Speed Motor 200-50000n. M Gear Reducer Motor Gearbox     near me factory

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