China Custom Parallel Shaft Helical Three-Step Cheap Price Hardened Tooth Surface Gearbox wholesaler

Solution Description

Parallel Shaft Helical A few-Step Low-cost Price Hardened Tooth Area Gearbox


  • Recognized parallel shaft,right-angle shaft modes and horizontal,vertical mounting modes. Employing less ingredient elements.

  • Implementing superior grinding approach which improved the balance and the effectiveness of transmit power with reduce noise.

  • Input manner: motor connected flange, shaft input

  • Output manner:solid shaft with flat important,hollow shaft with flat key,hollow shaft with shrink disk,hollow shaft with spline link, solid shaft with spline relationship, strong shaft with flange.

  • Mounting manner:vertical, horizontal, swing base-mounted, torque-arm-mounted.

  • Ratio range:1.23~450. It CZPT increased when combining with K&R sequence reducer.

    H & B SERIES

Technological parameters

Top quality Handle
Top quality:Insist on Improvement,Attempt for CZPT With the growth of tools manufacturing indurstry,customer never satirsfy with the existing good quality of our items,on the contrary,wcreate the worth of quality.
Quality coverage:to boost the general level in the area of electricity transmission  
Top quality Check out:Constant Enhancement , pursuit of excellence
Quality Philosophy:Top quality produces benefit

3. Incoming High quality Control
To create the AQL satisfactory stage of incoming materials handle, to supply the content for the complete inspection, sampling, immunity. On the acceptance of competent products to warehousing, substandard merchandise to take return, verify, rework, rework inspection responsible for tracking poor, to keep an eye on the provider to consider corrective measures to avert recurrence.

four. Process Good quality Handle
The production website of the first assessment, inspection and closing inspection, sampling according to the needs of some projects, judging the good quality change pattern discovered abnormal phenomenon of production, and supervise the production section to enhance, remove the abnormal phenomenon or state

5. FQC(Ultimate QC)
After the manufacturing office will complete the product, stand in the customer’s situation on the concluded product high quality verification, in purchase to make sure the high quality of customer anticipations and needs.

six. OQC(Outgoing QC)
Right after the solution sample inspection to figure out the competent, enabling storage, but when the completed merchandise from the warehouse just before the formal delivery of the products, there is a check, this is referred to as the cargo inspection.Check articles:In the warehouse storage and transfer standing to validate, whilst confirming the delivery of the merchandise is a merchandise inspection to determine the qualified




one. How to choose a gearbox which meets our prerequisite?

You can refer to our catalogue to select the gearbox or we can support to select when you provide

the complex details of required output torque, output pace and motor parameter and many others.


two. What information shall we give ahead of putting a acquire order?

a) Sort of the gearbox, ratio, enter and output sort, input flange, mounting position, and motor informationetc.

b) Housing color.

c) Purchase amount.

d) Other particular demands.


three. What industries are your gearboxes being utilised?

Our gearboxes are widely utilised in the locations of textile, meals processing, beverage, chemical industry,

escalator,automatic storage gear, metallurgy, tabacco, environmental safety, CZPT and and so on.


four. Doyou offer motors?

We have secure motor suppliers who have been coperating with us for a lengthy-time. They can provide motors

with substantial top quality.  


The expression “gearbox” is utilized to refer to any gadget that connects a motor to a device and is made up of a sequence of gears, also known as a gear established. It gets the major enter pace from the motor and modifications it to a various output speed utilizing its gears. Different sorts and combos of gears serve certain reasons. The varieties of gears located in gearboxes incorporate spur gears, bevel gears, helical gears, helical gears and worm gears. The functionality efficiency of a gearbox is represented by the gearbox ratio, which is the ratio of the pace of the enter supply to the speed of the output supply

China Custom Parallel Shaft Helical Three-Step Cheap Price Hardened Tooth Surface Gearbox     wholesaler